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It’s getting so chilly in Texas and i’m partly excited/partly not. If it is anything below 60 degrees (and that is pushing it) then i’m out. Blame it on the Texas sunshine! Can’t get enough of it. Today, wearing a high-waisted skirt and cropped long sleeve was the wrong choice. SO cold. It was about 50 degrees outside. No m’am!! Don’t get me started on the windchill.

The things you do in the name of fashion.

IMG_5538.png Let me make this post easy for you, it’s a Forever 21 overload.

Skirt || Top || Hat ||


My skirt was very Mean Green (Go UNT), but I couldn’t find the same skirt anywhere in stock. It was the same for the top, so I linked similar styles above. You can find similar styles of skirts at Francesca’s, Boohoo, Tobi, etc. Go crazy!

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Catarina Celeste


It’s Finally Fall Weather!

Hey, y’all!

Can I just tell y’all, this past weekend was FREEZING. I’m talking, 40-50 degrees. Thank you Texas weather for being extra and making me pull out my heavy coat. I love the Fall and late Spring, but I am definitely a Summer girl. Nonetheless, I do love a good sweater.

So, my friends know this, but I am a big Audrey Hepburn/Coco Chanel girl. I obviously don’t dress like I was born decades ago, but I am a lover of the classic black and white look with a pop of color here and there sometimes.


Sweater: Forever 21 || Skirt: Forever 21 || Coat: Style & Co. || Shoes: Forever 21 (a few years ago) || Hat: Forever 21 || Handbag: Aldo

I have so many sweaters…and most of them are off white. So I was looking everywhere for a black sweater that had a soft material, slouchy, a sweater you could dress up or down, and I finally found one for a decent price! Most sweaters that are in right now are cropped sweaters (which I love), but those are better for high-waisted skirts and pants. The one I am wearing is loose and comfy enough to hang out or tuck in with high-waisted or regular fitted bottoms. Maybe even tie in a little knot if you are wearing high-waisted bottoms! Also my coat actually used to be my mother’s and matches with everything so I mean, it’s a staple.

The skirt I am wearing IS SO CUTE! Y’all know (or know now) I have been an honorary Cheetah Girl since 2003 and when I saw this high-waisted mini skirt….I died. Black and white is classic so please wear it almost any which way you want. Add a solid colored top to it and bring a pop of color into the mix if you’re daring! I didn’t feel like I was being extra enough, so I added this really cute short-brimmed hat that made me feel like JLo (I think it’s because I was wearing my hoops haha hoop earrings are a staple in my life #NotALatinaProb) so obviously I was going to wear it. I loved the gold little stud on both sides of the hat because I am a gold type of girl, too.

Last, but not least, MY BOOTIES! *Insert heart eyes* I saved the best for last because Blush is my all time favorite color and the fact that these shoes came into my life is a blessing. Y’all think i’m kidding. Wish they were in stock now, but I got these a few years ago. I will link all of my items and/or similar versions above!

What is your favorite piece of this outfit?


Catarina Celeste

When In Charleston

Hey, ya’ll!

I cannot believe that it has been over a year since my last post. College has gotten the best of me. Let’s all do a power prayer this minute that I successfully graduate this semester!

This September I went to Charleston, South Carolina to visit one of my very best friends, Allye! At the age of 22, I had never flown by myself before. I’ve actually only flown (with family) a couple of times in my life. Each time I had a panic attack, so flying alone to Charleston was one of the bigger challenges I’ve had to overcome (I am a true small town girl.) I am a big believer that the only way to grow is to go out of your comfort zone, though. Let’s just say that the five days I was in Charleston are days I will always cherish!

Charleston was so beautiful and historic. I was able to go on a sail boat, meet new people, and explore almost all of the great food that makes this tiny town. *insert heart eyes* But let’s be real, was I really in Charleston if I didn’t take pictures?


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Till next time, Charleston!


Catarina Celeste

Rain, Rain! Go away!


Who doesn’t love a good romper? Although I do love the rain in Texas right now, I wish that it was warm and sunny out so I could wear cute outfits like this. I recently wore this to my roommate’s graduation and it was perfect because it was about 80 degrees and sunny out! That is my kind of weather.

13087269_923771254398052_3061121202945626175_o - Copy13116450_923771434398034_1903460807360610103_o - CopyIMG_9879

I honestly have no idea where I bought this romper, but there are plenty like it in places like Forever 21, or stores like Francesca’s!

What is your favorite romper style?



Catarina Valencia

Make it Pop Like Pink Champagne


Summer time is officially upon us! I never thought this semester would end. It’s about time for that Texas heat, bikini season, and long nights with good friends. What better way to go out than with this two-piece set from Lucy In The Sky? 😉 I live for bright colors on tan skin becauses it makes the colors pop more.


Sandles: Target// Earrings: Kendra Scott// Bracelets: Altar’d State, Francesca’s, Stella & Dot

I have already worn this gem two times in the past month on nights out to local and Dallas bars. I can’t wait for many nights more this summer.

How do you dress on girl’s night out?



Catarina Celeste

Melanoma can’t Sit with Us

Who doesn’t love to look tan all year-round? I know I do! I personally love the feeling of the sun hitting my body when i’m at the pool (that is with sunscreen, of course). Unfortunately, most women and men go to extreme measures to tan their skin as well as increase the chance of getting Melanoma, the most deadly type of cancer. Melanoma develops when pigment producing cells, or melanocytes, start to mutate. This skin disease causes 1 in 50 people to die every 50 minutes. It is extremely vital that you wear sunscreen every day, especially out in the sun.

Oddly enough, people believe that sunscreen prevents their skin from getting tan. That is not the case. Sunscreen does prevent you from the harmful UV Rays that can burn you, though. This myth is enough for people to stop wearing sunscreen when they are outside altogether. I actually get darker with sunscreen and I personally like to use La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60. I love this product because I have very sensitive skin, so this product seems made for me!

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60

Do you want to know what is worse than being out in the sun for extended periods of time? Tanning beds. People that use tanning beds at least once a month before age 35 increase their chances of getting Melanoma by a whopping 75%. The radiation that comes from tanning beds is tremendous, and it doesn’t help when people bring their phone into the tanning bed as well. Why? Cell phones cause radiation also!

Here is how you can prevent Melanoma from entering your life as well as others:

  • Limit the amount of time you spend outside.
  • Give yourself daily self-checks.
  • Use Vitamin D pills and eat Vitamin D foods.

I encourage you all to take the pledge to PROTECT THE SKIN YOU’RE IN!

Click on the link above or below to learn more about this educational program and how it influences teens and young adults to love the skin you’re in.


Want to know more? Visit www.YourSkinIsIn.org, and make a personal promise to protect the skin you’re in!


Catarina Celeste

This is a sponsored post in partnership with the Melanoma Foundation and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.




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